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The Danish Association of Insurance Law

The association was established on 19 December 1977 by jurists with particular interest in aspects related to insurance. The purpose of the association is to be the Danish section of the International Association of Insurance Law (AIDA – and to function as a promoter of insurance law, to release publications related to insurance etc.

The association usually has 4 annual events for the members where questions related to insurance are debated.

The events normally take place between 4.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. and include a light refreshment.

In collaboration with AIDA Europe the association arranges regional European conferences and the world organisation, AIDA, arranges a world conference every 4th year.

Membership information

Any Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce and Commercial Law may be admitted as individual Member. Further any law student or student of commerce and commercial law entitled to a bachelor degree may be admitted. At the discretion of the Executive Committee other applicants who qualify themselves within insurance law may become members.

Insurance companies, general agencies and insurancebrokers as well as public authorities, institutions and organisations interested in insurance matters may be admitted as Company Members.

The Members pay an annual subscription decided by the General Assembly. The subscription is applicable for the following accounting year.

The chairman of the association is cand. jur. Helen Kobæk, chief executive at Pen-Sam.

The secretary of the association is attorney-at-law Torben Bondrop, to whom any request for information about the association can be directed by email  at Plesner Lawfirm, Amerika Plads 37, 2100 Copenhagen.

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